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Medical Tourism in Lithuania has successfully been working since 2007. We have been happy to help our clients from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands and other countries. Competetive prices and high competence of our doctors makes Lithuania one of the most attractive countries for medical tourism.

The goal of our company is to provide quick and professional healthcare service to local and international patients. The most popular areas of medical treatment among our clients are Odontology, Eye surgery, Plastic surgery, Cosmetic surgery and Orthopaedics.

Medical Tourism has contracts with hospitals, dental and beauty clinics, private surgeries, and provides any medical service required. The company deals with the best and most reputable healthcare institutions in Lithuania. High quality healthcare service is assured to our patients. Our clients choose Lithuania, because we offer European standard at a lowest cost. During the visit our guests are invited to take a short break and tour Lithuania. This gives them a great opportunity to learn about customs and culture of the country, have a pleasant treatment at health spas or enjoy white sand Lithuanian beaches.


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